Migration and Deployment

Our cloud strategy and migration practice helps customers transition from an on-premise to a cloud environment, with agility, speed and security, ensuring your move to the cloud is seamless, non-disruptive and secure.

Whether its high-availability, storage, backup or DR, scalability, compliance or cost-control, Lauren provides certified engineers and architects, who have been trained to ensure that all our customers’ needs are met within the agreed timelines.

Our engineers work as an extended arm to customers to migrate a wide range of workloads to the cloud, including digital and web properties, data analytics applications, enterprise applications, middleware applications, multiple database types, data warehouses and many more business critical workloads.

Lauren follows a 4 step approach while migrating Cloud workloads

Step 1



We use application discover tools to assess our customers the migration needs. Lift and shift migrations require no architecture changes, while some application and workload migration may require re-architecting to ensure modern modelling a cloud compatibility

Step 2



Understanding our customers business needs and priorities, budgets and business continuity is essential. We take a buy in from the relevant stakeholders to lay out a phase wise approach to ensure near zero disruption to business in the migration and deployment process.

Step 3

Performance Agility


We carry out phase- wise migration activities and requisite application re-architecting to deploy a redesigned and modernized cloud ready workload.

Step 4

Cost Optimization


We extend an optimization service to our customers, where we periodically run health checks and monitoring activities to optimize cloud usage, and help save costs.

Methodology : 6 R’s

  • 1. Re-host
  • 2. Re-platform
  • 3. Re-purchase
  • 4. Re-factor
  • 5. Retain
  • 6. Retire

Other Services

Re-Database Migration Services

Backup services

DR Setups