Big Data Analytics and AI

Have you ever wondered any of these in the context of AI?

  • 1. AI has arrived, but are we ready for it?
  • 2. How artificial intelligence and data add value to my business?
  • 3. How can I be a part of digital revolution all my competitors are into?

Every day, your organization generates new data on your customers, your processes, and your industry. But could you be using this data more effectively? Did you know 90% of the world’s data has been created in just the past few years? Are you struggling to extract the powerful insights you need to make smarter business decisions? Lauren says why just be a part of digital transformation when you can simply start with automating your IT processes through cloud.

We have an expertise in the following product families to enable your business effectively with our cloud offerings:

We understand, having huge data to do-all we all go crazy with a handful of suggestions available at present. Be it building full stack Business Intelligence platform or a data warehouse from the silo of data or building a data lake as a raw data reservoir. Lauren will help you not only with the best tactics here, but also challenging solution to the market for all digital nomads out there.

Using all the gamut’s around customer analytics and insights we equip our clients to transform information into business advantage. We believe in the 'data to action' approach, to help you find the relevant insights from our customer data and create value, by enabling informed decision-making, leading to prompt action.


We build highly scalable and secure solutions for our customers, backed by the power of Machine Learning. With experts on industry leading cloud services like Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon ML, Microsoft LUIS etc., we build tailor-made solutions for enterprises. From automating a mundane, repetitive internal process using RPA competencies, to building a Bots for- Customer Service, IT Helpdesk etc., or decision making or recommendation engines, we are all about customizing solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Customer Support

Facial Recognition

Recommendation Engine

Voice Based AI

IT Helpdesk

Email Classification


  • Customer Support
  • Recommendation engines
  • Voice- based AI
  • Face recognition
  • Email Classification